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Top Quality DUI and Criminal Defense at a Price You Can Afford

DUI Defenses That Work

We challenge every aspect of the State’s case, including the blood test, field tests, and dash cam video. We don’t accept the cop’s version, we uncover the defenses that can win your case.

Recovering Every Dollar You Deserve

The insurance company is out for one thing, to protect its bottom line.  We fight day in, day out to make sure you are compensated for your injury, pain, and financial loss.

Affordable Fees and Payment Plans

We know you didn’t plan to have to pay for a good lawyer.  Thats why we keep our fees reasonable, accept credit cards, and work with you on a payment plan you can live with, so you can have the representation you need. 

Getting the Not Guilty Vote

Serious charges require serious representation.  We utilize professional investigators, expert witnesses, and stay on the cutting edge of trial techniques to help you get the not guilty vote. 

Personalized, Client Focused Service

Our promise is that your calls will be promptly returned, by a lawyer when needed, your questions will be fully answered, and the lawyer you hired will be the one with you in court, not a junior lawyer.   

Uncovering the Details the Cops Didn’t

The State’s investigation often looks for the facts it wants to prove you guilty.  We go back and dig to find the witnesses, evidence, and details that tell the rest of the story, and can make the difference between guilty and not guilty. 

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Science Focused DUI Defense

Blood test results are a DUI prosecutor’s best friend.  That’s why at BarnesLaw we take the science of DUI defense seriously. We have the knowledge and training to challenge the State’s blood test and give you the upper hand, which will often turn a hopeless case, into a winner.  


One Night’s Mistake Does Not Define You

And we don’t think it should follow you the rest of your life as a criminal record.  Our clients are good people, some of who made a bad decision.  Our goal is to set your life back to the way it was before you saw the blue lights in your rear view mirror.


Federal Court Defense

Federal criminal prosecutions are an entirely different ballgame than state court cases, and we come to play.  By staying up to date on this ever changing field and advocating tirelessly for those facing the weight of the United States Government’s Justice Department, we achieve results that make a difference.   

Without our clients, our work would have no meaning

We use the most cutting edge technologies, both in and out of the courtroom, to investigate and persuade on your behalf.
Without the right strategy, even the best case can go haywire.  Let us define a custom strategy for your unique situation.
Every case and every client is different.  With each new client comes a new challenge and a new opportunity to reach a creative solution.
The legal process threatens your freedom, your family, and your future.  We can help secure what’s most important to for the long term.


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